Coloured lenses have become a very important part of fashion and lifestyle. The demand and use of coloured lenses have increased quite significantly over the years. People have the luxury of changing their eye colour at will. These are perfect for fashion freaks.

But, did you know that there are different types of contact lenses? The ones you are wearing may have a coloured tint that can be categorized as enhancement tint or opaque tint. Similarly the lenses could be soft or rigid depending on what suits you best. Coloured tints are designed for different eye colours, for example you will buy enhancement tints or opaque tints depending on your eye colour. Just like that you may choose a soft contact lens or a rigid contact lenses on your usage or what the doctor ordered.

Like if you are a cosplayer you would go out and wear Cosplay contact lenses that have special effects on them. These lenses are designed to change the colour of your eye to the colour of the eyes of the character. These cosplay lenses are normally daily disposable, but they have opaque tints. Secondly they are soft lenses as you are going to use them once and then no longer need them

You must be wondering what are daily disposable contact lenses that I mentioned earlier, right? Does that mean that contact lenses have an expiry date on them? And I can only wear them for a restricted time span. Yes, you are right, there are different contact lenses with different expiry dates on them. They can be used only for a day, week, fortnight or even more than a month. The choice depends on your, for what reason you are using your coloured contact lenses such as the blue eye coloured contacts lenses.

blue eye coloured contacts lenses

That is why here we are going to discuss about different disposable contact lenses.

Daily Disposable Coloured Contact Lenses

The first of the lot is the daily disposable coloured lenses. As their name suggests, these contact lenses can only be worn for a single time. If you have worn them today, you have to take them off at the day’s end and throw them away. You will have to wear a new pair every day. The reason you would buy daily disposable coloured contacts.

  • These lenses allow you to change your eye colour every day. You could walk out your home with a different look every morning and leave others wondering what has changed about your today.
  • Daily disposable contact lenses are usually soft contact lenses. Due to that they are very soft and comfortable on the eye. Perfect for those wearing coloured lenses for cosmetic purposes.
  • You do not have to clean them after every use, as you would be throwing them away after using them. Every morning you bring out a new pair..
  • And because you wear a new pair every morning, you do not need to worry about wearing a dirty coloured lens. A new pair would be fresh and pure from any debris.

For Halloween and Cosplay, daily disposable contact lenses are the perfect choice.

Weekly Disposable Colour Contact Lenses

Weekly disposable contact lenses are another type available. They are available for one week or two weeks usage. And because they can be used for longer periods there are more designs and patterns on them. So why would you like to use weekly disposable contact lenses?

  • Because they have to be used for a week or two, the lenses are made of more durable material. They do not get damaged as easy as the daily disposable
  • You may have liked a certain colour and want to try it for some time. May be a certain colour seem amazing.

While they are amazing and all you have to clean your weekly contact lenses with disinfectant solution every time you use them. This cleaning process has to be carried out every time without fail.

Extended Coloured Contact Lenses

Extended coloured contact lenses are mostly worn by those who are prescribed contact lenses for vision correction. These contact lenses can be worn for more than 30 days straight.

  • Extended contact lenses are more economical to wear. As you usually get more contact lenses, you get 6 pairs usually. So you would need to buy once for 6 months. That would save a lot of cash unlike in daily disposable where you need to but one every day.

While you are required to clean your contact lenses with disinfectant solution after you take them off, the good thing is that you can wear them for 30 days straight without taking them off. That means you may clean them once a week. In terms of handling they are perfect for people using these lenses for vision correction.