If you are keen to lose weight and build muscle you will probably have heard about the importance of protein. Protein is essential for everyone as one of the important building blocks of life but it is especially important for people trying to exercise in order to build muscle. Here are some key reasons why protein helps build muscle is crucial to your bodybuilding success.

Protein Helps Build Muscle

1. Your muscles need protein. The cells in your muscles are composed mainly of water. But the proportion of the non-water part is significantly high in protein. You need to have a good supply of protein in your diet in order to allow these cells to grow and develop. If your diet is low in protein your body finds it difficult to use any protein it does get to build muscle.

2. You need protein to rebuild your muscle cells. When you workout or you lift weights, your muscle actually begins to break down. This is an essential process and the growth of muscle occurs when the cells in the muscle repair themselves. In order to repair cells, the body needs protein. With a full intake of protein your body repairs and revitalizes muscle cells so they grow stronger than ever – making it easier for you to achieve the physique you want.

3. Protein in your diet helps you burn fat. When you are getting enough protein then you raise your metabolism and make it easier to burn fat. When you are building muscle you will also be interested in burning fat, so the addition of protein to the diet provides a dual purpose. Even when you are resting you are burning more fat, which contributes to a leaner figure and more muscle definition.

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Protein Sources

4. Protein helps cut your appetite. When you have a diet that is high in protein you are lowering the amount of calories. You need from other sources like fat and carbohydrates. While you still need an intake of carbs and fat in order to supply energy. A diet high in protein makes it less likely you will overdo your fat and carbs consumption. With a decreased appetite but sufficient energy you can work out without gaining weight.

5. Protein is found in lean meat, eggs, dairy and soy products, and nuts. You can increase your intake of these foods but sometimes it’s difficult to get enough protein solely from your diet. If you are participating in a weight loss or muscle building regime then it’s helpful to supplement your protein intake with protein shakes, high-protein snacks, and other high-protein food replacements. How to incorporate protein into your diet to help build muscle and lose fat. Have a high-protein snack at least an hour before your workout, then have another high-protein food immediately after you stop your session to give your body the best chance of maximizing the protein helps build muscle .

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