How About Dengue Fever Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Dengue fever symptoms

Dengue Fever Symptoms – Dengue is a (female) mosquito-borne (Aedes aegypti) viral infection which is hitting many parts of the world as an endemic disease. It has put almost half of the world at risk. Dengue haemorrhagic detected in 1950s at Philippines and Thailand and is now omnipresent

It has become a very common source of deaths in the countries. Ades is the transmitter of infection which it carries in its stomach. In Asian countries commonly found in four types of distinct stereotypes, DEN-3 and DEN-4.

Directly transmitted the infection to the human blood with an Ades bite. Around 2-12 days to seen the first symptom is seen. However, it provides lifelong immunity against the virus.

This virus shows flu-type symptoms and could turn fatal. The dengue fever varies according to the age of patient.

Dengue Fever Symptoms:

When the patient’s body temperature crosses 104֯ F/40֯C due to fever, it is followed by any two of the given symptoms:

  1. Swollen glands
  2. Severe headache and pain at the back of the eyes
  3. Nausea
  4. Vomiting
  5. Muscle and Joint pain

After the incubation period, the symptoms may last for 2-7 days.

Dengue fever symptoms

in fatal case could be like:

  1. Plasma leak
  2. Respiratory distress
  3. Organ impairment
  4. Severe bleeding
  5. Bleeding gums
  6. Severe abdominal pain
  7. State of shock

After further 2-7 days, a sudden temperature fall is seen which may go below 38֯C/100֯F. The next 1 or 2 days are crucial for the life in severity.


This disease can affect lungs, liver or heart. A person may go into shock or sudden drop of blood pressure may prove to be fatal.

Bottom line:

Dengue can be fatal, major symptoms could be heart failure, state of shock, respiratory distress etc. which populate after short intervals.

Dengue Fever Treatment

It’s quite desolate to know that dengue does not have any cure.

Circulation of fluids inside the body is the primary concern while treating a patient. However, Paracetamol tablet can be consumed to reduce fever but Aspirin and Ibuprofen should be avoided since there is heavy risk of bleeding.

Intravenous injections are given in the cases where patients can’t swallow. Also, requirement of blood transfusion may arise in case of severe dehydration.

Bottom line:

Hospitalization may be required in worse conditions. Besides that medicine like Paracetamol, Aspirin or Ibuprofen might be of some help.

Dengue treatment food

To fight against dengue through natural methods, type of food is the first shot given to the patient. Here are few food items which are helpful in the struggle:

  1. Coconut Water– It is the best remedy and easy to digest with fluid nature, it is beneficial for patients who can’t eat properly.
  2. Protein rich diet– Dairy products are extremely rich in protein which is quite fruitful for the patient’s health.
  3. Fruit juices– It is a good corrective just like coconut water, easy to digest with lot of nutrients.
  4. Vegetable juice– It’s a boon to the patient, it contains all essential nutrients required. Carrot, green leafy vegetables and cucumber juices are quite advantageous.
  5. Lemon juice– Not only lemon is known for removing toxins from the human body but also improves taste of mouth which increases craving for something to tickle the taste buds.

Bottom line:

As we know that dengue doesn’t have any cure, people must follow strict diet plans and have lots of juices to fight against the disease and get well soon.

Dengue Fever, Dengue Fever Treatment,

Prevention and Control

The primary task required to prevent Dengue is to not let the water get stored anywhere nearby and solid waste must be disposed of properly.

Further, there are other methods which could help prevent people falling for this disease:

Stay in a well-

Screened area because the mosquitoes are active from dawn to dusk but they can still bite at night.

If one is going in a mosquito-

Infested area, people have to make sure that they are well dressed and their body is covered to the maximum.

Mosquito repellents are of great help when one is present in the danger zone. Permithrin is a good solution; it could be applied over the clothes and shoes. DEET with 10% concentration could be applied over skin. These solutions are easily available and safe.


Bottom line:

Prevention is better than cure” but dengue does not have a cure. So the liability lies with prevention.

Protection against exposure methods must be strictly followed to protect oneself from falling prey to dengue.

Currently, dengue has struck the society again in its full flair due to the suitable temperature conditions.

Above given methods can be brought into application to fight against this incurable disease.

Dengue Fever Symptoms

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