Amazing Mind Reading Tricks to Play on your Friends

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When it comes to know the thinking going on in others mind, it is really exciting and incredible. When someone is able to predict other mind people admire it like a supernatural power or six scenes. There are many stories of ancient time where some prudent character had ability to learn others mind. But this capability is not in most of the people; hence we can say that the intuition of that person who can read mind is more in comparison to others. However, this incredible Prudence is found in very less number of people. So one can ask, from where they got this capability. Either they had this magical sense from the birth, which is rare of the rare or they would have developed this by any means. So, here we are going to lighten the fact which leads a person to interpret others mind by mind reading tricks.

Tricks to read mind

Mind reading tricks require concentration, calculation, convection, and Prudence. In the world there are lot of tricks through with one can read the mind specially magician. There I am going to reveal some tricks through which one can piquantly decode others mind.

Mind reading tricks

A)  Number-Elephant mind reading tricks

Let’s play this mind reading game. Choose a number from 1 to 10, multiply this by 2. Now add 8 and divide the outcome by 2. Lastly, subtract the final outcome from its original number. Now you have to think of this number with respect to alphabet, like A Is for 1, B is for2, C is for 3 and so on up to 26 for z.I believe you got your letter, think for a country from the letter equivalent to the outcome digit. Again, from second letter of the country, choose an animal as well as its color. So you have your animal, its color along with the country in your mind. Alright! I am going to tell you what you are thinking in your mind. You are thinking about a gray elephant in Denmark, isn’t it?

Hence, this mind reading game is based on calculation because every time when you do the above calculation by taking any of the number from 1 to 10, you got the same result “4”. According to number letter correlation “D” comes for 4 and usually Denmark comes first in the name of country. If it is said to choose an animal, most of the people select elephant. So, it was all about Number-Elephant mind reading tricks, one can totally estimate that how it was based on calculation.

Bottom Line: This mind reading tricks is nimbly planed with several mathematics calculation so that in last four will come every time and answer will be gray Elephant in Denmark.

B) Red -Hammer trick

Well, this game is based on prediction; firstly you write your prediction on a piece of paper and handed to one with whom you are playing. Now you will have to ask some question,

  1. What day is Christmas?
  2. What number comes in between 1 and 3?
  3. What is hand burgers made of?
  4. In Europe, what side is used to be driving a car?
  5. Lastly, think of a color and a tool quickly.

Tell them to say it loud, It is Red Hammer and it is exactly the same what you had handed. So, one thing is happening here, when you are doing a rapid fire, it is making a proper synopsis and finely makes people to say “Red-Hammer”. Hence it was a convincing game that you were being asking the question so that the outcome would be same by playing nimbly by the mind of others.

Bottom Line: This proper trick is usually played like rapid fire game. It manipulate the viewer’s mind in the way that the answer automatically comes Red-Hammer.

C) Read mind through figure

Here, we are going to discuss constructive mind reading game that is read mind through figure and it will defiantly blow the mind for friends. You need to tell them to write a one digit number on a paper. After writing keep it aside and ask them to count it in their mind, while your figure is on their temple. It is very simple to count out the number of pulse on the temple because your friend will signal through clutching their teeth.

Hence, this was some tips and tricks that you can also apply because it is so simple, however there are many more in the world of magic. Simply, I can say the magic depends on information as well as psychology.

Bottom Line: In this trick Mentalist take the help of pulse count in the temple so need to very focused during performance.

Natural intuition

As I have already discussed that to read one mind, either we need natural ability and if I don’t have this then we can enhance our skill be learning and practice. In this learning proper perception and interpretation of thinking plays a vital role. Basically, natural mind reader focuses on the reaction, facial communication and body language. They barely got stocked when they are not able to read the face. They just try to duplicate the thought process and felling of the person while interaction.

Bottom Line: There is always exception, hence rare of the rare person have great intuition since birth. They use this quality to read others mind.

Practice makes a man perfect

By increasing our intuition and willingness to know the probable thinking of others we can read someone mind. By practicing over and over one can increases their level and it will seems like you now the magic since before. The mind should be so concentrated to the person’s activity and his will work like a lubricant in terms to read someone’s mind. Meditation can help in increasing concentration and it will increase your intuition as well.

Bottom Lines: Most of the time people enhance their skill of mind reading through constructive learning and listening while practicing.


Through developing skill one can read mind of others which is rare of the rare skill. It seems like super natural power when someone read mind around there. One can read mind of other by recognizing their emotional points in their life. Personality decoding is also valuable in terms to read knee mind. Otherwise, considering g nonverbal communication one can blow the mind anywhere.

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